Put on hold for B.I. Job

I finished my SSBI Check from start to finish and given OPM approval to work for a contract company. I wont give which one in case they finally put me to work. But they gave me start date first of oct 2017. Now 3 weeks until i start they said all new starts are on hold. Did not give me how long just on hold. Anyone else dealing with this issue? Thinking about trying other companies since i am OPM Approved.

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I am dealing with it. Already had my SSBI/TS adjudicated which made much easier to process. First, after accepting job offer I was given notice week for a second week of September start date but then was notified that the training will move towards the end of September. Finally was told that training was put on hold until further notice. I’ve been OPM approved as well.

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I have a feeling we are with same company. Same excuse given to me. They did say they would be getting back with me in the coming next few weeks. Will see. Federal budget start is sept. I hope they are just wziting for that to kick in. Trying not to look for another job. But it’s hard since i need a job.

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@Excop1957: I know EXACTLY of what you speak and I’m in the same boat with the same org you speak of. Everything I know from past experience (blue family) screams that I’m being blown off. I realize they spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $5k for an expedited clearance, but good intentions won’t pay my bills and put food on my table.

Is it Keypoint? They have started unloading investigators this week, so something sketchy might be going on.

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No, company is S.C.I.S., i did not know the other companies were letting investigators go also. Now i wonder whats up? They also paid to expedite my SSBI. Trying to look into other jobs now that require T.S. Clearance. Hope thier loss of not hiring me when they agreed to and paying top $ for background, is another company’s gain. I have to live and pay bills.

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@elcyberghost You said you were supposed to start training in September, did it proceed as planned or did they delay it indefinitely? Also are you with SCIS?

@Excop1957 Let me know what fields look promising for former LE with a TS clearance please.

Yes i was scheduled to start at home week training the onto viginia for 2 weeks. On oct 9th. Received e mail it has been postponed unknown start date. They advised they will contact all of us in the next two weeks. I will believe it when i get the e mail. Yes the company is S.C.I.S. .

@Excop1957 Me too. Everything I sense from what’s transpired gives me a strong feeling we’ve been blown off.

Affirmative. Training was changed twice in September and later postponed until further notice. Its the same organization. Not feeling right about this unexpected changes so I’m moving quickly for other job options.

I’m feeling the same the way. I’ve already started to seek other venues as I’m not feeling the love!

@Ksober Why did you delete your post?

I would highly suggest looking at CSRA. I had another friend that was supposed to start with Securitas and her start date keeps getting pushed as well. She now is in the process of trying to get hired on with CSRA due to this issue.

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@Notaverage306 Thank you for the heads up. I looked and they don’t have any listings for new investigators in Utah. I’ve heard they treat their staff really well. Out of curiosity how difficult is the new investigator training and final test?

Thanks will do. Just want to get to work. Have this Top Secret clearance and put on hold.

CSRA does not have positions west of the Mississippi but there subcontractor ISN should (CSRA does all the training for ISN). Honestly, If you take the training seriously and are engaged in the learning process you should not have any issues with the final test. Good Luck!


I do believe CSRA is using Modis to recruit for them. I was recruited through Modis and was told they are looking for cleared individuals.

@Notaverage306 It looks like ISN is recruiting in Utah but for experienced BI’s only. What’s the probability they would take a noob? Also, what are the general metrics (time in position, # of investigations completed, hours worked, etc…) to be considered an experienced BI? I have 25 years in law enforcement, but that skill set doesn’t appear to be remotely relevant to employers, or is it? Lastly, how much do your pay, workload, and collateral duties increase once you transition from a new investigator to “experienced”? Thank you.

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Don’t have any firsthand knowledge of ISN or CSRA. However, you’d be better off hanging tight and waiting for SCIS BI class than to even consider Keypoint as a viable option. You would have more self esteem collecting welfare than working for Keypoint.

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