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At my current job there are certain individuals that have obtained a TS because they do work on government installations sometimes. I was talking to a guy I work with now and he said he received his TS in 6 months, now that’s pretty baffling too me because I have been waiting 17 months since my BI started, or way over 2 years since CJO. You can only wonder what is happening in this process and how frustrating it is and to know that if you aren’t successful your conditional offer disappears and it’s like you waited all that time for nothing.

10 months for my Secret. BI barely contacted me as a reference for my other friends who were hired half a year before me.

As a fall back plan I started grad school for private industry. I have a feeling I’ll wait another year (adjudication period included).

Interesting. Are you sure it’s final TS and not interim TS?

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Yea i asked he said 6 month. I guess I can’t compare mine to his because I did a FS poly TS/SCI, still aggravating :sweat_smile:

I started reading some SOR cases that are posted on the govt websites, and it’s a wonder some of those people made it to the BI phase. One individual had 5 arrests, 3 possession of illegal firearms, numerous assault cases and a little bit of delinquent debt. How can they not run a basic criminal check or look at your credit report and say oh well this person probably won’t make it?

I screen harshly. I won’t submit if a person is under 600 FICO, and prefer a 650 FICO. I only ask them for input on the arrest record. It is standard waiting 18 months for a TS SCI with poly.

Try being the field investigator working cases where the Subject’s case should never have been submitted in the first place. Not one or two cases in a career, but constant case assignments. All field investigators get these.

Sometimes the companies don’t know about the issues. Sometimes a company may disagree that something is an issue and makes the submission. I don’t know “why” on the remaining.

The cases continue even after we submit disqualifying information notifications to the requesting Agency.

Well I had a low credit score with delinquent debts, but I signed a form saying I would repay them if I had a steady income. Since the process started I have repaid all of them and sent in proper authorization. So I guess it’s good that it took this long, so I could get some mitigation in order before I got declined or sent an SOR. I don’t know if it will make a difference or not in adjucation but atleast the delinquencies aren’t there anymore lol

Credit issues can arise for anyone. It is one of the hardest to revoke clearances on and they bend over backwards to help. You are correct, getting into repayment plans is key. None of us are more than a bad car accident away from bankruptcy.