Hey all! and The waiting game

Hey guys! Its been a few months.

I had my Secret Clearance BI interview the week before Thanksgiving and I haven’t heard anything. My brother was telling me “no news is good news”. He has a TS/SCI, ex whiskey holder.

I’ve been on the job since Jun 2018, doing very well I have been working under my company’s TS clearance. Created some cool tools for my DOD assignment. I would have thought it would have hit someone’s desk by now.

I do have my prior situation with the recent conviction/prison time with the felony(2006 charge and conviction and 19 month prison sentence in 2016) mortgage fraud at 22 years old , but other than that. no other situations, not even a parking ticket before or after.

Just wondering if showing I basically am not a risk this whole time plays a factor in clearance review when it finally comes up.

On a side note, my co-defendant is in the process of getting her Public Trust. she submitted her SF85 about three weeks ago, and They just asked for progress notes on her probation and she’s working in DC, sounds like they just didn’t outright deny her either. I know its a step down from what level I am pursuing but she and I had a very similar fallout from the same situation.

I would be concerned. That is VERY recent.

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It is what it is. I was 22 and it was 2006 and as the situation played out It finally shook out I was a minor participant, and most of it is was inadvertent, with strict liability.

The case started in 2010 and it took almost 5 years to get resolved.

I’m 35 now. Sucks I had a 13 year span between it happened and it getting resolved but nothing I can do about it.

you have posted here before, nothing has changed since then, Its a BIG step down from a low risk public trust. I think I recall that you did not provide this information to the folks investigating you? If they know about it and were not concerned, then OK. If they did not know about it, your fooling yourself if you think that you will keep this job.

I’m sorry to rain on your parade, but if this is an accurate statement “…recent conviction/prison time with the felony(2006 charge and conviction and 19 month prison sentence in 2016)…” you’re not going to be granted a secret clearance.

A three year old felony conviction is game over. I’m surprised an agency or employer submitted your file. Did you accurately report these convictions on the e-QIP? The only mitigation for a felony is time, but way more than 3 years.

Never say never! I recall the posting from before somewhat. To touch on what Merlin said above, if you did not speak to any of this with the BI person…I say problem. If you were open, honest and revealed all aspects of the situation…maybe no problem. Yes, living a crime free life after any conviction speaks highly of your path, and in this case it was 13 years living a much better life. Age at time of crime also plays a factor. No news is good news. If you are currently working under an interim clearance as it sounds…wonderful. Keep doing great things and even if the clearance is not granted, keep your head up and move forward positively. I salute you for your efforts. Right now 18 months is not unusual for a TS, and my Secret clearances are running 12 months. If you get an initial denial, wait for the SOR and appeal with a clearance lawyer. This forum has seen actual cases of dramatic drug use get approved so I see no reason for a time served situation for an event 13 years prior as a complete show stopper. On the surface, yes it seems to be one but a deep read of the entire case is in order. As presented I think you can get cleared.

We will see. it asked what date the offense occurred on SF-86. it was 2006, almost 13 years ago now… courts are slow, especially up north for white-collar cases. My boss (a real estate developer) and lawyers were greedy and made statements truth or not that I got pulled into and made me a larger target than I actually was (for their plea deals) until the truth came out before trial in 2015. trust me if I had to do time at all, I would have rather had did it back in 2010, when I was added to their indictment.

I’ve read the adjudication guidelines. it focuses on the event occurring, it was 12 years ago from the date it happened, I was 22, when I submitted my equip. After a lengthy chat with my BI, he offered up that after talking through it and reading up on it, I got a bad shake and that in his history as an investigator for the military police, he could gauge my sincerity and my level of involvement.

Thanks for the continued words of encouragement @amberbunny . I’ve been on the job for exactly 11 months and am very popular there.

I think it is a good sign that you are working under an interim TS. As long as you answered everything truthfully on the SF86 then you are just going to have to wait. You can try reading up on recent DOHA cases to see if anything might apply to get a sense of how they treated past cases like yours.

This might result in a “read the forum” post, but where can I find DOHA cases?


Thanks! Appreciate the link and encouragement.