Charged w/ a Felony No Conviction (PBJ)

20 years ago I was arrested and charged with a felony. (theft, non violent)
In the state of MD I was able to request PBJ Probation Before Judgement. So, I was never convicted.

I got 1 year of probation and 3 years later I had the record “expunged”.

I have to explain this on my Security Clearance Application. I will be up front and tell the truth. I’d like to know the likelyhood that I am able to obtain a level 1 Confidential Clearance.

Past 20 years, no issues. maybe a minor speeding ticket or so. Excellent professional history and excellent personal references.


From my (limited) understanding of the clearance process, a non violent offense 20 years ago that you are up front and honest about shouldn’t be an issue for that level of clearance. I’m not a BI or an adjudicator, but I have seen cases on here that have far more recent and heavier charges and they still get final clearance. So I think you should be fine. But that also depends on who the clearance is with as well.

There will be no issue getting cleared if all is as you say.

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Anything 9 years or older (except issues covered by bond amendment) is considered a non-issue. You’ll be fine as long as you disclosed.

Thanks Marko.

Will the OPM investigator ask my references about my troubles 20 years ago.

I have some friends that know about it and others who do not.


It is almost always in your favor if you have someone you currently know that also remembers the past incidents. We are restricted in how we can ask your friends and such about issues…

Interesting, what restrictions are placed on BI’s when scoping issues? Please elaborate, sir.

Probably not a great idea to discuss internal procedures on an open forum.

As was mentioned above, you’ll be fine based on the info provided.

Wow, it seems like I should be set. What if I wanted to apply for a Top Secret Clearance. Do you see issues with my troubles 20 years ago?

Thanks Again

Adjudication standards don’t change from S to TS.

Do adjudication standards change from TS to SCI? Meaning, does the 9 years,if not repeated recently, still apply with an SCI access determination?