Will I ever be able to get a public trust or secret clearance?

My story is rather unique and quite long. However, I came to this forum in hopes of any advice as I try to fill out the SF-85p or SF86 form. Back when I was 22 years old (2005)I was involved with an ex that committed a heinous crime in which I was a witness too. However because I didn’t I initially tell the police I ended up getting charge. Long story short I took a plea and obtained 2 serious felonies. The conviction year was 2009 and I was also sentenced to 5 years of probation. My probation period has concluded as over 2014 and I haven’t been in any trouble with the law since my initial arrest back in 2005. Will I ever be able to obtain a public trust let alone a secret clearance. Most jobs nowadays are asking at bare minimum a public trust and I cringe at the thought of even applying to them. Can someone chime in who is very knowledgeable of the clearance process. I could even go into more detail in a private email but because of the nature of the charges I rather not list them. Please help!!!

I’ve heard of worse cases get TS/SCI. In such situations the passage of time is the best mitigating factor. I think the circumstances you describe fall under the “Have you ever…” category and not “in the last five/seven/ten years…” questions, so you would have to provide all the details.

As long as the rest of background (mainly financial issues) are problem-free and you can demonstrate a good work history since then, I think you should be OK. Like I say, I’ve run into people with similar situations (or worse) who got cleared.

Thanks a lot @sbusquirrel for responding. Yeah financially I’m great. I did have a tax lien for a few months while I was disputing my taxes but that was quickly resolved. I also don’t owe any creditors but had a garnishment which was resolved last year that stemmed from judgement is 2013. I’m just really anxious about this whole process

Like most everything else… it depends.

Some felonies become “forever” no while some crimes are determined to be forgivable.

Yeah I understand. I will try my luck and see what happens @backgdinvestigator. Thank you