Needing secret clearance

Hello, I just took a job with the military as a contractor. They had me to an extended background check already to start and I passed but they now need a secret clearance. I was told they only got back 10 year which is fine but not true there’s a question that ask have you ever had a felony EVER.

Well I have, I have 3 but there 12,13, and 14 years ago for theft. I never served time or had anything really sentenced against me since they were petty theft things.

Since then I have paid off court fees and went back and went to court to get my gun privileges back and now haven’t had issue getting jobs with clearance before but it was because they never went back more then 10 years. Only thing I have is a little debt on my credit but that’s it nothing criminal not even a traffic ticket

Wondering if this will be an issue for a secret clearance

Those felonies from 12+ years ago should not be an issue especially if there has been no incident since then. Not sure how you got a clearance before without going into these issues unless it was not a ‘security clearance’ but a ‘public trust.’ Anyway be sure to gather as much detail as you can; you won’t need it to fill out the form but the investigator may want to get the information.

It wasn’t a security clearance just a long background check that did almost the same stuff they had me go back 10 years

I’m not an investigator but my understanding is on SF-86 (clearance) they want to know about any and all arrests or imprisonments you’ve had (not just convictions).

This should not automatically disqualify you. I think they take into account how long ago it was and your record since then. The important thing is to be honest. They’re usually most concerned with your trustworthiness right now.

Recently did this, and they will find the arrest record and I would definitely recommend putting it down