Secret clearance “first time”

Hello, I just took a job with the military as a contractor. They had me to an extended background check already to start and I passed but they now need a secret clearance. I was told they only got back 10 year which is fine but not true there’s a question that ask have you ever had a felony EVER.

Well I have, I have 3 but there 12,13, and 14 years ago for theft. I never served time or had anything really sentenced against me since they were petty theft things. Since then I have paid off court fees and went back and went to court to get my gun privileges back and now haven’t had issue getting jobs with clearance before but it was because they never went back more then 10 years

Only thing is I had bankruptcy about ten years ago and a few debt here in there that got past due in last 5 years but now paid off.

Beside the debt I’ve been clean other wise nothing criminal or not even a speeding ticket

Do you have a specific question? Your answers must be truthful. We don’t expect perfect people, but we expect honest people with a sense of integrity.

I heavily caution you not to provide false or misleading information on your security questionnaire. Be 100% transparent (in the good way) and during your interview be honest. Prepare financial paperwork, criminal records / course completions / fine payments you may have. Your investigator will either gather that information on their own or will take some of your supporting documentation or a combination thereof.

Again I don’t mean to sound like a consistent broken record, but don’t expect people to be perfect. We all have things we regret doing, it’s called being a human being. But we expect you to be honest about it. Falsifying entry level documents (SF-86) or providing false/misleading information to any security official, investigator etc will be grounds for an immediate denial of security clearance and can lead to debarment from federal / contract employment.

I was honest, just wondering if this will hurt me getting a clearance. Would suck to goto work one day to day you been let go. If I need to start looking for a new job I will buy don’t want to if there’s a good chance I can clearance then I’d like to stay as I like my current job but don’t want to put my family in financial issues if I lost my job without notice