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I’m about to apply for my first job that requires a security clearance. I’m currently 31 years old, and I’m a bit worried about a few charges I had in my late teens. Nearly 12 years ago I was charged with a FELONY eluding a police officer. It was later reduced in court to a misdemeanor, and I served 3 months for driving on a suspended license. That’s the one of many charges I’ve had that I’m concerned about. I live in Virginia where they will charge you with 3 to 4 charges for just one incident. My other concern is that some of the records in VA have been lost due to “something” happening. So when I do the state search, only two charges appear.

My first question is, is there anywhere I can pay for a FBI criminal history search?
Second question, what’s my likelihood of gaining a security clearance?

I’ve grown so much since my adolescent years, have been trouble free, and have three veterans and current federal employees to list as references when submitting my paperwork. I’ve worked really hard at this thing called life, and I’d hate to be judged on something so long ago when I was nearly a child.

Thanks for all input and advice in advance.

This occurs more than you would think. The felony must be listed and details provided to the best of your recollection. Do not list only what you find on a law search. You must be as honest and accurate as possible. List all charges you can recall that fall within the parameters of the question The question for the felony is an ever question. All other charges that did not involve alcohol or drugs are 7 years. Time is your biggest mitigating factor.

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Good advice above. Only will add caveat, time is biggest mitigating factor without repeated behavior.

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Thanks for responding, and for the advice. I don’t want to hide anything. I’m proud of how I’ve overcome the setback from my late teens, I just hope that it’s viewed that way. Without being able to search for my history, it may be difficult to remember every charge and how they were listed. I definitely feel a little more at ease about this.
Thank you both again!