Reporting Arrest

Hello. I currently have a secret security clearance. In 2005 I got a DUI. I put that infornation on my SF-86 form and still received a security clearance in 2007. 7 months after receiving my security clearance in 2007 I got a 2nd DUI. I notified my boss and that’s all I thought was required, I was 25, immature, and new to the job. Since the incident 7.5 I have turned my life around, got married, numerous promotions, accolades, and no other incidents since. My concern= I’m up for ReInvestigation In a couple years. I didn’t know I needed to report to a security officer and my boss didnt. (Also she quit years ago). I’m a different person now, with no incidents in 7.5 yrs. should I be concerned over them removing my clearance during my re-investigation in a couple years? Thx

If it were me in that situation I would write up a statement for the specific details of the incident and when and to whom you reported it to and have it witnessed and notarized. Then give it to your current Security Officer and make sure you note the time and date of when you gave it to them, and keep a copy for yourself. It should not be too much of any issue now since time and maturity have mitigated the actual alcohol abuse issue itself.

Thank you for responding and your advice. the lady doesn’t even live in my state anymore. We were never close and had no contact. It would be a serious hassle and who kbows if she even remembers. I wish i had emsiled her but our conversation was unfortunately in person. If I do nothing and just report full honest details during Re-Investigation do you still see it as not too much of an issue? Since the incident I have been promoted and receives awards from high ranking officials as well. Thanks so much Sir.

Also we just had a baby. I can’t take any risk even if it should be 1/100 right now. I didn’t know I needed to report it further than a manager. and I feel if I state that during re-investigation with honest details that would be ok, do you think? Also the manager still works for the FED out of state. I don’t know if she would be honest about not reporting it. What if she denied the incident or claims she does not remember. Simple question- if I do nothing and state I didn’t know and am honest about the situation, Will I Be ok during re-investigation? Also should I consider bringing in my awards should they request an interview?

You are overthinking and sound paranoid. Your question has already been answered.

Ok so no issue now is answer due to time Passed and maturity. Thanks Marko

I know you said its not an issue now, but do you mean not an issue if I report now to security officer or not an issue either way. Sorry for sounding paranoid, new baby very nervous. Thx