Secret Renewall and Recent DUI arrest

I want to say thank you in advance for any help or guidance you can provide. I’ve held a secret clearance coming up on 10 years and have never been in trouble but recently got arrested for DUI after blowing a .07 and failing one of the field sobriety test. I have a lawyer and it will more than likely not go through as a DUI, but my secret clearance renewall will be coming up before I’m able to handle this through the court system. I dont have a drinking problem, as I rarely ever drink and now I’m certain that drinking has no place in my life. I’m terrified of what might happen when I have to renew my clearance.

my supervisor told me to keep it to myself until the final decision played out and did not punish me further, but I have since then transferred. Once I submit my E-Qip does it go through my new supervisors or straight to the security officers? I’m absolutely embarrassed about the situation that I’m in and would prefer not to involve more people.

Best to report incident to your security officer. Otherwise, you are compounding the problem with an Honesty issue. Let the chips fall where they may. Really doubt DWI will have huge impact on a lowly Secret clearance.

As for driving under alcohol influence, lay off the booz, amigo. You can easily hurt others, even kill them. At that point, a secret-level clearance
becomes moot. Your auto insurance premiums are going go skyrocket, along with legal and court fees. An average dwi costs $7, 000.

Concur with Issuedetector, you should have reported this immediately after your were arrested and charged, the final disposition is not the issue. I am sure you received a security briefing when granted a clearance, and bad on your supervisor as well for giving you bad advice, he should have also reported it.

“Being honest never hurts anyone. Being a liar only hurts you.”

–Richard Nixon