Old Charges, Secret Clearance

I am in the process of accepting a job that requires a secret clearance. Fourteen years ago I received a DUI, and twelve years ago I was charged with a felony hit and run, but was later reduced to a misdemeanor. Since then, I have had nothing else on my record. Consistently employed, excellent credit, plus got married and started a family since then. Do you think I will have any problem getting a clearance? Do you think I could get an interim, or would I have to go through a full investigation first?

If you still drink I think you might have a problem.

Those incidents that happened more than 10 years ago are mitigated by the passage of time, maturity, and the fact that no similar conduct has occurred since then. As long as you are honest and forthright in disclosing them as required there should be no issue getting an interim Secret.

Hi I currently have a secret clearance since January 2007. In late 2005 I got a DUI and reported all details on SF86 and received a clearance. In July 2007 I got arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and DUI. I was legally prescribed Pain medicine for a back injury. I brought my prescription to court and the prosecutor threw out that charge. I still plead guilty to misdemeanor DUI. Since the incident almost 8 years ago I have had no re-occurrences and go to AA. I was immature then and only 25 years old. Im now 32 and Since then I have gotten married, promoted twice, and no incidents. During the reinvestigation am I at risk of losing my clearance? Thanks.