2 DUI in early 2013 + Interim Security Clearance

Hi All,
I am applying for job with a contractor and am filling out the sf86. I was arrested twice in early 2013 and charged with DUI on two(2) separate occasion within two months. One was dismissed and I plead guilty to another and was ordered classes. I fulfilled all my obligations per the courts instruction and have been driving since without any problems. I know I have to list both DUI arrest on the sf86 but will this effect me getting an interim secret clearance?


I don’t think it will cause a problem. Please do list both as you stated you would. If the fines and suspensions are in the past you can be cleared with two DUI’s. They may choose to not give an interim and want a more detailed investigation but it is survivable.

Thank you. I hope it works out. Of course, I have to disclose this to my future employer…

What is the average time to get a interim clearance these days?

My client doesn’t allow them so I cannot speculate. I have read numerous forum posts where folks were in limbo for some time.