Interim Clearance (Secret) with a pending charge

I was charged with DUI in January 2019. Charge was originally filed as a Felony DUI, dismissed (arresting officer filed charges incorrectly) and lowered to a Misdemeanor DUI, and February 2020 I entered a plea for Misdemeanor Reckless Driving charge with no probation just have to pay the fines. My final sentencing date was scheduled for March 29, 2020 but due to the COVID shutdown it has been moved to May 29 and could possibly get delayed more.

Additionally, I do have a DUI conviction from 2011. I also worked as DoD contractor from 2014-2016 with a Public Trust.

Since the most recent event I have mitigated by not drink anymore, moved states, changed jobs, and have attended AA (stopped temporarily due to COVID).

I have received a job offer to work as a DoD contractor that requires an interim secret to start and I have to let them know this week what my decision is. If I were to accept this job what are my chances at getting an interim? Or would it be better turn down the offer at the moment and wait for the case to close?

I appreciate any input, this has been eating my mind away.

I hate guessing about interim clearances (or even BI outcomes), but even I would say that two DUIs with the last one being 1/19 would cause a pause for an interim.

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Why have you continued to do what you know is illegal?

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I would say chances of an interim are very low, especially with the final resolution still uncertain.

Kind of what I thought. Would the most recent event be viewed as a DUI even though it is being lowered to a Reckless Driving? I understand in the public eye it is often viewed as one of the same but as per stated in the law they are different, just curious.

Thank you for your input!

The most recent event is a DUI.

Don’t know how it works today, but it my wild and crazy youth it was very common for an initial charge of DUI to end up as reckless driving (I myself was never charged with either but I knew a few folks that this happened to… we have all survived and gotten past this phase). Also note that on the SF-86/eQIP you are supposed to list the initial charge.

The initial felony charge that was eventually dropped will be problematic. (SF question-Have you ever been charged with a felony?) I sympathize with everyone attempting to attend AA meetings and group sessions for support but unable to do so. These COVID times would seem to be an especially difficult time for those recovering from substance abuse issues and I am flabbergasted that they all seem to have shut their doors when their patients need them most.