Chances of getting an interim clearance


I’m hoping to receive some input dealing with my current situation. I have a clean background except for a pending DUI charge that occurred last year, March 2019. Since then I have attended various AA meetings, self enrolled into a 3 month program and completed it, living with parents(alcohol free environment) and helping them financially, and installed an interlock device for over 8 months now. I also did hire a lawyer and paid off any fines related to the issue as of now and attorney fees. My lawyer says that I will most likely get a DUI misdemeanor with some probation, which we are hoping to minimize. So I guess I’m wondering what are my chances of getting an interim clearance? Thanks in advance.

Too hard to predict interims anymore, but I’m pretty sure nothing is going to happen until your DUI charges are resolved.

Having a DUI is not an automatic disqualifier, but having one that is so recent… basically current… is going to complicate the situation.

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Yeah I basically figured that the interim might be an issue, but I’m hoping the recent DUI doesn’t ruin it for me. I’m hoping to expedite the court date prior to my sf86 submission. I should be able to clear everything with regards to fines and programs because I can get credit for the stuff I’ve already done. The biggest concern is how they will view the probation period.

It’s not a show stopper but it’s super recent so be prepared to talk about it and how you’ve done going forward.