Interim granted, Chances on a Final?

I was granted an interim secret clearance. I was thorough and honest on my SF86. I have 2 alcohol related charges 7 and 10 years ago. Also a few charges that were dismissed or dropped. Credit is decent and was honest about any financial situations in the past which have or are being cleared up in good standing. What are my chances of getting my final clearance, and what’s the next step in the process

Waiting. That is the next step. And the one after that. Getting an interim after disclosing those items…I would surmise a pretty good chance of getting cleared. I would have no worries about the 7 and 10 year old situations. I have successfully been able to get at least 2 people through the clearance system with 2 previous DUI’s. Be maniacal on your finances. Watch bills closely and strive to be a 650 or higher for the best all around shot at final clearance.

What was/is your timeline?

Amberbunny, what are the chances of receiving interim with one dv case (dismissed), a few debts (both closed and one payment plan), and a couple work terminations?