DUI Interim Security Clearance Question

I was arrested last October and was charged with a DUI. It was my first offense and I was given back my license in the following month due to a blood test revealing that I was under legal limit. Although I have obtained my license, my trial with the state is still open and set for another court appearance next month. I have recently been offered a position that requires an E-QIP interim security clearance and was wondering what my chances are of being cleared?

Any insight or suggestions of what to write in the E-QIP will be greatly appreciated. I will also update my progress for the sake of the community and discussion. Thank you!

Given everything I’ve read about getting an interim these days, I’d have to say that you are unlikely to get an interim. However, that does not mean you won’t get a final clearance.

Seems like any discrepancy at all will prevent a person from getting an interim. But hopefully time will work in your favor and by the time they get around to adjudicating your clearance, you will have had your court date and the case will be resolved.

As to what to write in your eQIP, just put down the basic details and dates, locations, etc. An investigator will follow up on this.

Maybe I’m wrong but I’m afraid your chances of getting an interim with this outstanding issue are not good.

I know it’s been a while but I’ve decided to come back and give an update. The court case wasn’t settled in time and I was unable to gain interim clearance and my job offer was rescinded (July 14, 2017). I was rejected a few days after I got my fingerprints scanned during the pre-employment processing. The court case gets settled three weeks after rejection and I was not found guilty and the case was dismissed with prejudice (August 22, 2017). Long story short, the policeman didn’t show up.

I e-mailed HR for an explanation and this is what she wrote to me:

“OPM reviews the results and classifies them in Categories, such as CAT=1 = (No Issues Identified) an Interim/Initial Common Access Card (CAC) may be issued, CAT=2 =(wait for final adjudication) a CAC may not be issued. Unfortunately your fingerprint results were categorized as “CAT 2”. When an applicant’s fingerprints are deemed CAT 2 this means that a (CAC) cannot be issued which in turn, the Security Office cannot grant an interim or temporary access. This is a condition of employment and because this condition cannot be met, the job offer is withdrawn. This is the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the FBI’s employment process procedures that we need to comply with.”

She also tells me that I’m more than welcome to re-apply. Come early 2018, I decide to retake the entrance exam and pass the interviews with flying colors again. I get an e-mail (September 27, 2018) saying that I was selected for a position and will have to go through the same process again. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my chances of obtaining an interim this time around.

A few questions . . . If your bloodwork came back showing you were below the legal limit, what was the trail for? It seems like something else was going on.

The fact that you were found not guilty may not help you because adjudicators will want to review the issue and decide on the merit of the charges. If the charges were appropriate and the only reason that you were found not guilty is that the witness against you didn’t show up, they may decide that the charge stands.

I think that you need to know what your finger prints are going to show.

Dear Mr. Ed,

Thank you for the reply. You have no idea how much I appreciate the responses.

You are correct. The reason why the state wanted to push the case was because I was distracted and careless and accidentally ran a a traffic light. There was also a civilian 7-10 feet away from my vehicle on the cross walk at the time. I’m very thankful no one got hurt in this incident and ever since this experience I have refrained from drinking if I’m operating a vehicle and have been more mindful of safety of myself and others while driving. I plan to be honest and disclose everything about the case and also attach all my court files.

Other than this isolated incident, I only have minor traffic violations which I’ve paid for.