Update to interim clearance w/ criminal charge

I figured I would come back and update, as I am sure a few of you have noticed my plethora posts (all the anxietyyyy). People rarely come back to update others, so I figured I would incase anyone else is in the same boat; trying to get an interim w/ a criminal charge.

I was granted a interim clearance (secret, non-critical) w/in the DOD with a less than year old criminal charge (dismissed misdemeanor). I was very surprised as it only took a week to get the interim after it was sent to OPM. I took the advice of others on this forum and listed in detail about the charge and highlighted mitigating factors in the comments section. I also uploaded a copy of the court disposition of the dismissed charge to e-qip, as it was recently dismissed and I was nervous it would pose a problem.

Thanks to those that have answered my questions previously; I don’t think I would have gotten the interim without the great advice from the experts on here. I know I still have to get the final clearance, but this is one speed bump that I am happy to get over.


Fantastic news! Now the wait begins for the final clearance. Was the criminal issue the only thing you had?

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Thanks for update! Glad to hear you passed the interim review. I would not expect a differing outcome for the full clearance unless there is more to the story. This could be a sign of good things to come with intent to reduce the backlog 50% by spring (heard that since 1989). Either way congrats and keep pressing forward.