Interim Clearance with recent dismissed charge

What are the chances of getting an interim clearance with a recently dismissed misdemeanor (non-violent)? I will be working for the DOD as a federal employee and need a secret clearance. I am getting ready to fill out the forms and have my finger prints taken, I know they will pop up in the system and I am concerned thats an automatic DQ. Reading through previous posts, it appears I would need to have a spotless record to get an interim. If I explain the dismissed charge on the SF-86 and eQip, explaining that I am remorseful, have sought counseling, etc., will that help? Thanks.

Very hard to give you certain information. Disclose as much information as you can, it will help. Your packet as a whole will determine if you are granted an interim. Just to be safe, i wouldn’t bank on it. Plan on the process taking awhile and continue on with your life.


I wouldn’t plan on it either but it likely depends on the reasons for the dismissal of charges. If the charges were dismissed because you never should have been charged in the first place (mistaken identity, someone filed a false report naming you) then you might have a pretty good chance but it is likely that they will still want to have an investigator check it. If they were dismissed on a technicality it is not likely.

I can share that I was not granted an interim, likely due to a recently dismissed (Nov. 2017) non-violent misdemeanor that occurred over 5 years ago. This was the only thing my investigator discussed with me in my subject interview and was a first and only offense.

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I think I misinterpreted the job announcement. I don’t think I have to have an interim clearance, rather a suitability adjudication to begin working and then later I will have to have a secret clearance. This is what the job announcement says:
“•Appointment may be subject to a suitability or fitness determination, as determined by a completed background investigation.
•The position requires the incumbent to obtain and maintain a secret security clearance.”
So to revise my question, has anyone had a recent misdemeanor dismissed about had a suitable employment adjudication? I know it depends on the nature of the job, criminal activity, etc. Just looking for some hope. I guess I will wait and see.

I think that you get the same answers . . . It depends on the charge and the reasons for the dismissal.

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