Interim clearance

I disclosed truthfully on SF86 including I was fired from my past employers. Does this issue affect to get interim clearance?

If you’re asking if you can still get a clearance even if you were fired from your last job, its hard to say. Did you get fired from your most recent employment? That’s a different matter than if you got fired at some point in the past and have since held other jobs without getting fired.

Thank you for your reply. I got fired from my recent employment and I am currently holding another job. I was fired only one time throughout my entire careers. I know you said it’s hard to get interim clearance if I was fired from my last job. How about final clearance?

People get fired, its an unhappy part of the working world. Did you get fired because of something criminal or fraudulent? I think that’s the only way it would be a big problem. It is also a plus that you are currently working.

I think it is hard to get an interim clearance in general, and it takes months just to get interims in some cases these days.

I had an interview with background investigator. It went well and next day I got a call from investigator to inquire about three months gap where I was lived and what I was doing in 2008. I was living with illegal immigrant for three months and I told him truth. him ts this big issue?