Interim clearance rescinded

Hi my interim clearance rescinded after I admitting I was fired from my last temporary job. I disclosed a letter of termination through my recruiter and still the rescinded letter stands although showing proof temporary employment. Will this situation he held against me if I were to receive another offer? Should I disclosed my termination next time? How long will this be on my record? Will this prevent me from getting a secret clearance? I was let go as a tempt due to on going disagreement with my supervisor but honestly my performance was outstanding. I felt I was being too honest but it’s too late now, what can I do? Please help

See whatt you get for being too honest? I hope you learned a lesson from this. Next time, admit the termination, but minimize the circumstances. He said, she said difficult to prove unless videotaped. All open to interpretation.

A one time employment termination would not prevent you from getting a clearance. It may however, prevent you from getting a job offer because the employer may view you as inflexible and unwilling to follow orders. You disclose the general circumstances of the termination as required and if they require more information for the investigation they will ask. When the employer is queried about the circumstances then there will be no issue with your disclosure fi you were honest.

Yes I was offered a GS position but offer was rescinded after the interim clearance after disclosing Working as temporary employee and was terminated after 8 months. I didn’t think that would really matter since tempt jobs are really unreliable and temporary source of income. Should I stop looking for jobs with security clearance requirements? Will this prevent me from government jobs? I really want to work for the DoD, it just feel like I hit rock bottom and desperately wanting to start a stable career already. Any advice on how to get pass this hurdle?

Still sounds odd to me that an interim secret would not be granted based only upon an employment termination. It would depend upon the reason for the termination and if there were cause for other concerns. Only you know the full history and whether or not you should pursue jobs with a clearance requirement. There are tons of federal jobs that do not require a clearance.