Part-time jobs while waiting for interim secret clearance

Here is my situation:

I interviewed and accepted an offer for a federal contractor (DoD). I can start working once I am granted an interim secret clearance. I submitted my eQIP and fingerprints the beginning of October and have been waiting. My background is clean (no criminal records, never been arrested, no drug use, clean financial background, employment history - never been fired, etc…).

In the beginning of November, I found a part-time job to keep me occupied while waiting for the interim secret clearance. I worked for about 1-2 weeks and found out that the job was not a great fit for me. I was allowed to voluntarily resign because it was at-will employment. Shortly after, I found a different part-time job and long story short – I voluntarily resigned as well after a week, since it was also at-will employment. There were no problems as I explained to my managers in both jobs that the work was not a great fit for me.

Will these two part-time jobs have a negative impact on my interim security clearance process?

Am I overthinking this?

Any input from former investigators or people familiar with this process is greatly appreciated.

Just a heads up…

If you have been following the timelines on processing times for even a basic Interim clearance in the year 2016… the average timeline is between 14-16 weeks.

I submitted my information on August 17th 2016 to my FSO who confirmed that it was released to OPM on the above mentioned day.

I was notified by mail that my credit check was pulled on Nov 6th 2016.

I was notified by my current employer on Nov 29th that they had received the employment verification from OPM and returned it.

I am currently at 14 week roughly and still nothing on an interim.

As for your part time jobs that you recently have started and left in good standing. This will only need to be divulged if contacted by an investigator. In this type of process (I learned the hard way once) you just have to be completely forth coming with evidence to support your facts and present it to the investigator. The good old fashioned “always tell the truth” is your best policy with this matter.

I would suggest getting letters from your former supervisors on the fact that you decided to leave employment and what their thoughts of your work ethic were. Just for hard support “if” needed to support your claim “if” questioned about the part time positions.

Interesting convo…I am somewhat in the same situation. I recently retired on 1 Nov 16 after 24 plus years of service in the Army. My last assignment was with a great organization in Korea where I was the G3 NCOIC and have some solid connections to include the CG, the DCO, and the Chief of Staff. Mid November I was offered a job with the same organization, in the same G3 section filling one of their many civilian positions. I was told by CPAC that I need to do another SF86 and the whole Security Clearance process for the civilian side although I have a current Secret Clearance just renewed in 2014 while assigned there. Anyway, I received email two days ago that PSIP has received all required documents to proceed with processing my clearance request. Today I received email from CPAC that they will send a request for travel orders for 8 Jan report date for me. Is this unusual? Does this mean I was already granted a Interim by the organization? Or maybe are they going to use and reactivate my military clearance from JPAS and allow me to work while I wait for full adjudication? Im concerned about packing up and going just to be told I cant work until my civilian clearance comes back. Any thoughts?

First of all congrats on retirement!

Now, as you your question, don’t assume that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing (or that a right hand even exists) in these matters. Not saying you don’t have an interim but it is worth confirming if you can get in contact with anyone.

HOPEFULLY they saw your very recent investigation/update and granted a FINAL clearance based on that. But ya never know.

Thanks for your reply. So I suppose that scenario you mentioned does happen or has happened? I will try to make contact with CPAC and ask them how they are able to proceed the way they are and see what they say.

Best Regards

Most likely, under reciprocity guidelines, your last investigation was used to grant eligibility for a clearance. It is standard for an agency to have you fill out a new SF86 if the last investigation was more than two years ago to see if anything new has happened.

Thank you for your reply. I am still a bit apprehensive. I received email from PSIP on 8 Dec 16 stating they had all required documents to proceed with investigation…on 12 Dec 16, the Korea area CPAC POC who sent me the TO emailed me and gave me two dates for an EOD. I selected 8 Jan 17. On 14 Dec I was sent a firm offer with EOD of 8 Jan 17. I accepted and now I guess waiting on orders? My concern is that this seemed to moved too fast and that the CPAC HR is just going through the motions. My old boss, a full bird Colonel did tell me they requested an expedited process. Not sure what that means. Is it really possible that they just used my current military clearance to maybe justify and award me an Interim for now? The hiring manager/unit (19th ESC Chief of Staff) was my OIC prior to me leaving and retiring from Korea. Just looking for some sort of validation or thoughts from anyone on this situation as I dont want to begin to pack and scramble just to be told a week from now that I was denied an Interim and now cant proceed until I get my actual clearance. Hope this made some sense. Best Regards to al.

So far the discussion has all been about part time jobs, but what if you’ve found a temporary full-time job while waiting on your security clearance? I am working at a restaurant and living in an expensive area, so I have to work full time to make ends meet. Does this need to be disclosed or will this impact my clearance investigation at all? I haven’t told my employer that I am waiting on a security clearance, because the service industry is very used to a revolving door staff so I figured as long as I give a two week notice, it shouldn’t be an issue if/when my security clearance is granted. I submitted my SF86 in early November so I am not expecting even an interim until at least March, but I don’t want to tell my current employer about this potential end date as the investigation could go past March (I am waiting on tier 3 NACLC).

The question is actually this: were you working at this job when you submitted the SF86? If so it should have been listed. If you weren’t working there at the time then it is not an issue and you can provide the updated information should you be contacted for an interview.

I just recently started this job, a few weeks after submitting the SF86. Thank you very much for your response.