Part-time job while waiting for security clearance

Hello all,

I was unemployed when I accepted a job offer with a federal contractor back in October 2016. Filled out my sf86 and it was received November 2, 2016. Now it is January and I am still unemployed waiting on my interim clearance to start work with the federal contractor. Would it be a bad idea to get a part-time job while I wait for my interim? Im afraid of how long the interim will take after reading some other forums on here and I don’t want to go without a job for much longer. I’d rather be working while I wait and not sitting around being unemployed. I’m not sure if getting a job after submitting the sf86 would mess up the investigation or not. Any advice is much appreciated!

Thank you

I would recommend getting another job. I am in the same situation as you and have started working part-time to get by. As far as my understanding it should not mess up the investigation if you were hired somewhere after submitting your SF86.

Like you, I was hired with a contractor and hoping for an interim in order to start; however, I recently discovered (after a month of waiting) that I will have to wait until my investigation is fully adjudicated before I can start working. So in case something like that happens, I’d recommend you start working sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the info. If I were to get another job should it be in the state that I currently live in? I have a few jobs I could take in different states.

I’m not sure if that matters. I ended up taking a job in another state. I’ll let you know if that somehow negatively affects me.