Waiting 10 months for secret clearance

I’m at 10 months of waiting. I’ve already been working for the contractor for 4 months. Idk if I should just look for a new job, ask HR what happens if we get to the one year mark, etc.

You were probably granted an interim. That means at first look you were fine. Just keep working there’s nothing you can do to make it go faster but there’s no need to look for a new job

Have you been told by HR/FSO that the clearance has not yet been granted? I know plenty of people at the secret clearance who are never even informed that it was granted because they are already working with an interim.

I assume you’ve filled out the forms, is that all you’ve done at this point? Have you had an interview?

I interviewed back in May 2021. Every time my company inquired they stated that they were almost done. I know it’s in adjudication. I was never granted an interim clearance. They said it was weird because they didn’t deny it but they didn’t grant it either. They literally did nothing.

Now I’m just working but unsure of my future. I know OPM checked my credit back in October. Only because Equifax sent something. They had already check my credit the day after I submitted my eQip. I just really don’t know what to do. March will be one year with literally no additional questions, no follow up interview, but also no clearance.

@SecretSquid I will tell you to stay patient. It will all workout for you. My timeline is below.

Nov 2019- SF86 completed
Feb 2021- Clearance Granted

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Unfortunately it’s just a waiting game sometimes. Especially with the current COVID environment it can just be a slow process.

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Update: Granted after almost16 months :confetti_ball:

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