How long does it take from a interim to the a final approval

I received my interim the first week of June, 2017. The FSO told me I would get final in 2-3 weeks, but it has been 6 weeks. Is there someone I can contact?

Did you do any reading around first? Congrats on the interim but the final could still take years to complete. Who can you contact? For what, your case just started.

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But the employer that Iā€™m contracted through has been waiting on me to
start work since May 8th

Any updates? I got my interim in July. 2017.

I got mine about 3 months later.

When did you have your subject interview? Congrats on your clearance. So when did you find out with your clearance?

I got my Interim in 2 weeks that was last May 2016 still waiting! My FSO says theirs no one she can contact about it all we can do is wait! That is hard to believe! My brother got his in 3 months and he applied 2 months after me we both live at home with ourv parents and have the \same history No trouble just out of college. both Parents and older Brother who is high ranking hold TS Clearances Im so frustrated Ive already lost 3 opportunities for overseas jobs because of this! Surly you can contact someone to check on my clearance status!!! Good Luck to you.