Interim Secret Active DOD and may be resigning what will happen to Clearance

hello All,
I have an Interim Secret Clearance and here’s the deal I am working with a person who well is difficult and not sure how much longer i can tolerate it yes I have told management but it is what is they know how she is and thats fine I know when fighting a loosing battle. Have another offer clearance not required . I am lady like person and I am not going to engage in well nasty behavior and know when to walk away. Now the vendor holds the Clearance I know so If I have to resign what’s happens to the clearance does it just get well canceled Bye bye Clearance dead in the water and have to start from scratch in the future if needed or does it go dormant to seep so to speak . Now I have spoken to my HR about the lady and falls on deaf ears so wont purse that as it gets me no where and she does work there a while and they tell me her bark is worse than her bite and I suck it up… Now with that said today she got angry with me and was rude I did not tell HR as Im done so leave that alone for now advice welcome . To summarize as I rambled on what will happen to that Clearance if I resign or well maybe discharged who knows as she seems not too like me :frowning: and I heard she did not like someone else and when Vendors were changed well he went Bye Bye sadly as she did not like him I know all about Ethics and Compliance oh yah … took the training many times on new contracts I know the DRill

Thanks All
Mary B :slight_smile:

If all you have is an interim then you do not actually have a clearance. If you had a full clearance there would be a period of time where it would remain “dormant.” However, an interim means you have not been adjudicated yet, and I am pretty sure you will need to start all over if you ever take another job requiring a clearance.

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