Help needed Interim Secret Active DOD and may be resigning what will happen to Clearance

I was bullied in a job that required a Clearance Interim Secret is what I have YES I know its not full. This Clearance has followed me around for a while meaning left roles all was well didn’t need it and it got picked up again a few times obviously never went to full.

So now does it go Dormant or just its gone terminated I know it will not continue processing to full as I am not using it no justified need .Will it just sit in Limbo a dormant state ?
Im glad I am out of that role and no its was a contractor who was causing me grieve no Federal employees …I reported this person and as she works there years they just said oh its how she rolls turned blind eye

Thanks All

Not sure how it works these days, but a few years ago once an investigation reached a certain point they let it finish, regardless of the applicant’s current status. So there’s a chance you will be adjudicated (and hopefully granted the final clearance) even if you leave this job. You’ll be in “Loss of Jurisdiction” status but a potential employer should be able to pick you up.

I’m a little curious as to why you’ve had an interim so long and it was never “final.” Are you sure about that?

Now days, we stop the investigation when we lose jurisdiction in most cases. Exception seems to be when a Subject jumps to another employer and still needs the clearance.

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Thanks so does it go dead or just still in a certain state dormant so to speak or if in 12 months i get a call and its needed the next employer can pick it up or I have to start from scratch as if I had none ? I do know its only Interim and not Full of course. and Squirrel i was surprised too but it was there and got picked up for the last contract and got CAC etc .

me again so when its stops contract ended The process I guess then it just is dead in the water is my question sorry if Im confusing the issue?

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Mary :slight_smile:

I think if a new investigation does get started, they may be able to use some of the interviews that were conducted previously if it has not been too long. This is especially true for certain agencies (like some intel agencies) who have more control over the process by using their own investigators, at least for direct hire staff applicants.

I think given the current state of affairs (ie timelines that have not gotten down to where they need to be) they will reuse whatever they possibly can. But some stuff will certainly need to be updated, such as credit checks.

Thanks Squirrel credits great etc

It just stops. A new case would need to be initiated/funded.

Thanks so much so its kinda dormant till a need is required I know it cost Sponsor money etc . So it stops and stays put at the status it is paused I mean ? I assume not totally deleted so to speak…

I may have another role that can grab it will see … Thanks again so so much :slight_smile:

Mary in DC

It stops. The information from the stopped investigation can be used, when appropriate, if another investigation is started shortly after the other case closed/stopped.