Interim TS Termination period?

I guess this question is more so directed at those with FSO experience. I currently have an Interim TS and have decided to leave my current contractor position due to contracting issues. I do have other job offers on the table right now who are telling me they will take the clearance over. My question is, if I were to take a vacation for 2 weeks (jobless) and then say yes to the new job offer, would this terminate my interim TS clearance since I were jobless for 2 weeks? I spoke with my FSO and he said something about 60 days? Can anyone clarify please?

Your investigation will normally be terminated the moment your currently company reports you no longer need the investigation. The interim is not a completed clearance. The interim is not a clearance in otherwords. .

Unless your new employer is working for the same Agency and they quickly report you still need the clearance - your investigation stops.

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Got it. So in other words, as soon as I turn in a resignation my clearance is terminated? The FSO told me I’d have 60 days for someone to pick up the clearance after resigning and if it were not picked up after 60 days it would terminate in the system.

I’m starting a new DoS job the first week of June but, want to quit my current position right now. I have a DOD interim TS. Would that one week make a difference to my clearance status?

If you are on an interim - you don’t have a clearance. Jumping from DoD to DoS - you won’t keep the interim. I would be up to DoS to grant another interim, if they want…

Looks like I was confused - spoke with the FSO for the new company today and she said as an interim TS it would remain in the system for up to 2 years and would be moving from DoD to DoD - not DoS. Does this change things?

A completed clearance in the past would “stay in the system:” for two years. An interim is not a completed clearance. Look at the interim as a driver’s learner permit… it is only good for a short period and you still have to pass the driver’s license requirements to get the real license or you won’t get to keep it.

An interim is not transferable. The gaining Agency makes the interim decision.

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Got it, so in this case since it’s DoD to DoD would it remain for 60 days in the system before it closes? Or is it completely up to the agency?

No continue, the process stops, the access stops, the interim is void and invalid, the investigation comes to a screeching halt, no sixty days of eligibility, nada, nothing, - unless you are with an Agency that uses DCSA to do their background investigation and tells DCSA that they need you to have the investigation.

The interim access granted by DoD ends the day you sign the NDA that you are leaving. There is nothing to carry out the door.

If you go to DoS, FBI, most IC functions, and some of the smaller law enforcement agencies, your BI process will most likely start all over. The new Agency might accept some of the previous investigation - but not always.