Interim Secret - Change job?

I work for DoD (as contractor,) granted interim secret end of June. Clearance is not final. Have an offer from a different contractor (also for DoD), same city, different DoD building. Have tried talking to FSO, both current and potential new FSO, about whether there is any chance of investigation/adjudication being stopped if I accept new job and leave current contract. However, I don’t think they really know / have been able to give me any good information. Interim clearance is acceptable for new contract employer, but my concern is as follows: Suppose I accept new position with DoD contractor, they say interim is fine, will transfer. I put in 2 weeks notice at current DoD contractor. Current company notifies agency that I will not need clearance past 2 week date. Agency withdraws interim. I go to start new job, new company says “Oh, you have loss jurisdiction. You don’t have current clearance. You would have to start investigation over. Sorry.” Withdraws job offer. I end up without job and without clearance. Is this possible? Again, I asked FSO, but she said no no no, it’s fine. But then she also said at one point “you have up to two years!” I do not think she is right. I think the 2 years is only if my clearance was already Final, and it is not, so I question her knowledge of Interim status. Also, don’t know if it matters, but I would be changing jobs without a gap, as in, work last day current company, work first day with new company on very next business day.

Is there any chance I could lose my interim or mess up the final review, if I switch from one contractor with DoD to another contractor also with DoD? If there is any chance this could happen, I’d rather wait for final clearance. But I’m also potentially passing up on a job with a Much better work environment, so I would like to swift jobs if it is not a risk to clearance.

Any information or resources would be helpful.

I changed horses during my investigation. One DoD contractor to another. There were no problems. The new company needs to go into JPAS and put you into their CAGE. In my case, the FSO wasn’t entirely sure that she knew what she was doing, so she was on the phone with people from JPAS. It went very smoothly.

My case was in adjudication at the time. Your mileage may vary . . . If you know what I mean . . .