Interim Clearance and Switching Jobs


I was wondering if a secret interim clearance can be transferred from a civilian DoD position, to a DoD contractor position.

Some Background: In Feb 2016 I filled the eQip for an internship with the DoD, a couple of days after fingerprinting, I was granted an interim secret. My internship was over in May 2016, but the investigation wasn’t. I then was contacted by a background investigator, and the last time I met with him was in Nov 2016. In Dec 2016 I accepted a job offer with the same federal agency at the DoD, and the security office told HR that I can start at anytime (meaning I still have the interim), but my start date is not until my college graduation in May 2017. In Jan 2017 I was contacted by the security office and was told that my case was in adjudication, and the adjudication office requested more information about my parents and half-sisters who are foreign nationals; which leads me to assume that my case is currently with an adjudicator.

Due to the federal hiring freeze my offer can be in jeopardy, although the offer isn’t revoked, they can’t promise a start date. So I am considering employment at DoD contractors, supporting the same agency.

My biggest concern is my interim clearance not transferring between jobs, and having to wait for the adjudication office to grant me the final clearance. Anyone has any information or advice? I am aware that switching jobs in the middle of an investigation may delay, but I want to make sure I have a job after graduation. On the other hand I don’t want to end up getting fired from the contractor because I don’t have a clearance and can’t do any work.

Sorry for the long post and I really appreciate any help.

Strictly speaking, an interim would not transfer I don’t think. You’d have to re-submit a new package and then hope that they could grant you a new interim. Of course, not so long ago the idea of transferring an interim would have been preposterous because people got their secret clearance in a reasonable amount of time.

That having been said, if you do manage to get a contractor job with the same agency, it might be possible to coordinate something ahead of time where your current FSO does not release you (their jurisdiction over you) until the new FSO is ready to pick you up… but even then it might not work if you are in an “interim” state. Might be worth a try.

Anybody else think that might work, if this person gets a job with the same agency?