Security clearance situation.

This is the timeline of the events and the details.

June 2017 - Submitted my EQIP form online for TS/SSBI,
December 2017 - Laid off from the DoD program without any issues/problems.
February 2018 - Accepted a job offer to work in the DoT for a Secret security clearance.
March 2018 - Resigned from the DoT without starting the actual work 2 weeks
after accepting the job offer.

The FSO from the DoT mentioned that my background investigation was completed and the adjudication was pending prior to starting the job. The FSO informed me that they would request the authorized agency to grant me an interim Secret clearance without transferring over to the DoT. They would keep using the DoD designation. I never verified or confirmed my status prior to leaving this job. I have a few questions that I am not clear on.

  1. What is the status of my security clearance level and my adjudication status?
  2. Is it active and do I have an interim security clearance?
  3. Can I continue to seek new jobs using this status?

Is there anyone who can give me advice on this topic? Can someone share their experience or their knowledge of some situation that is similar to my situation?

Your interim clearance will be pulled as soon as your employment ends.

The background investigation is supposed to end when you are no longer in the position requiring the clearance.

Supposed is used because not all companies/agencies are timely in the reporting process. If anyone (or any record) tells a field agent you no longer work for the requesting agency, - a discontinue request is submitted.

Does that mean if you get past the investigation phase before leaving the job, it has a better chance of continuing? Assuming the employer does not get around to telling DSS/OPM/whoever they should be telling. And it has been known to happen.

I resigned from my last short term employment recently. The sponsoring agency transferred my clearance and investigation prior to starting this work. I am unemployed right now. Would I be able to gain employment with a job that requires either a Secret or Top Secret security clearance and a background investigation? My question is can the next employer use my previous information to place me on a job?

The requesting agency decides if the case continues once someone leaves the position (just another - well maybe - response to this process.) Most of my discontinue requests have been accepted as discontinue the case actions.