Leaving the job during clearance investigation


Is there any negativity if I leave my job during the clearance investigation? I am granted interim for secret clearance currently that what if I need to leave my job for some personal issues? I heard clearance will be withdrawn and investigation will stop that once I quit the current job, the current company will no longer sponsor the clearance.

Question is, is there any negative factors when the clearance is withdrawn? (Other than the fact the whole process will need to be done again if I get a job later that requires clearance again)

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@Hi-DDD - there should be no negative factors in leaving your employment. As soon as feasible, the FSO will send a notification to terminate the investigation and to close your case at the DoDCAF.


Below is what I found on DSS website regarding leaving the company. I am granted interim and stage of investigation that it’s been a month since I was granted interim. Can someone explain what it means to notify PSMO-I when either of two conditions exist?

Separation from the company
Upon separation from the organization, the FSO enters a separated date for the employee in the system. If an investigation is open for the employee, a notification will be forwarded to the appropriate CAF to determine whether the investigation needs to be cancelled. Notify PSMO-I via Research request when a separation occurs and either of the following two items exist. Notification will permit PSMO-I to take appropriate actions on the record.

An action is pending on a person, e.g. pending incident report, pending adjudication and pending investigation request.

There is not an open investigation and an interim eligibility exists

Hi-DDD,When you completed your eQIP, your Facility Security Officer (FSO) sent it to PSMO-I for review and interim determination. PSMO-I then sent the eQIP to OPM for the conduct of the actual investigation. At that point, money was obligated to pay OPM for their work. Rules require the FSO to send a notification to PSMO-I if an individual terminates employment and holds an interim. PSMO-I will check JPAS to see if the individual has another DoD affiliation - new employment, military affiliation via Reserves or National Guard - and decide whether or not to cancel the investigation. If the investigation is cancelled in time, money can be saved by OPM not completing it. If you are subsequently employed by a federal contractor, the new FSO needs to notify OPM NOT to cancel the investigation. Hope this helps.Bill

thank you for your reply,

If I am subsequently employed by a federal contractor, does OPM use the SF-86 I filled out ( the one interim is granted then terminated employment) or OPM starts from the scratch of whole investigation process of new SF-86?

I am talking the case of investigation being cancelled since it is likely to be cancelled which it has only been a month since interim and I am not planning to get another federal contractor job soon.

Hope what I stated is clear.

Hi-DDD,If the prior investigation on which you received an interim was cancelled, then your new employer will need to submit a new SF86.

Thank you for your reply,

I want to ask one more question that how do I know the investigation was cancelled or not due to terminated employment?
If the investigation was completed and forwarded to adjudication will I be notified even after terminated employment?

I am 99 and 44/100th percent sure that the investigation was cancelled. Assume that it was.


thank you for your multiple replies.

Hello Bill,

Just need to be sure. If a person has an interim clearance with company A and investigation is ongoing then gets another offer with company B where the person still needs a clearance, can the interim be transferred so the investigation is continued from where it was with company A? or do they start all over again? Thanks

In a Situation like that. It is ok to call OPM to be certain if the backgroung was cancelled after termination while was on interim determination?

Hi team. If anyone here has already request a copy of their complete background investigation from OPM.?If yes can u please describe how it looks like? I want know what to expect plz.

Winny… you have posted this over and over.
If you are not a troll, google " how to request my federal background investigation report" and follow the instructions.

Vast majority of the investigation reports are brief and rather boring.

Im not a troll…i ppsted it multiple times bcz was seeking for answer same as evrybody here. …I got tge answer amd om good… thank for ur response

And if the investigation still ongoing until completed after u left the agency for a better opportunity,is that mean they will still conducting ur clearance.?or they just completed the whole investigation for nothing?
Help me understanding that plz.thank