No longer interested after investigation started

Hi - I pulled out of a job for consideration after the investigation has started (found a better offer). Will the investigation still continue or will it stop - and how soon from pulling out will it stop? Thanks

That depends whether your requesting official submitted a discontinuation request. Most don’t.

Thanks for the response. Could I, as the applicant, ask the investigator to stop? Seems like it’s extra work that’s no longer needed to continue with the investigation and I would like to save everyone time

The investigator has no control over it, unfortunately. It happens all the time.

Tell the investigator that you are no longer seeking the employment requiring the investigation. The investigation will be discontinued once your information is verified with the requesting employer.


If you have not done so already, notify the agency/employer that you are no longer interested. Tell the investigator, and prepare to provide them with the name and contact information of the person at the employer/agency who you informed. The investigator is required to follow up with a cognizant official to verify that the position is no longer being sought. Bear in mind the case will continue to move forward until the agency submits a request to discontinue.

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