Question about continuing investigation after leaving Job

I have an Interim TS and an active Secret. I am pretty sure my investigation just wrapped up and in my interview I informed her I changed jobs. The job that i left is what requires a TS, my new one only holds a secret. Anybody know if they will continue my investigation for a TS. I have heard that they will continue anyway.

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If you told the investigator, they may report that info up the chain. But maybe you’ll get an updated investigation out of it, if not the actual clearance. Or maybe you will be “eligible for TS.” I think this is a roll of the dice depending on how the bureaucratic processes work.

I agree with sbusquirrel. Investigation should continue unless your investigator is captain america and spreads that information.

Investigators are not Captain America but are required to report any one not requiring their clearances.Would you keep working on a project that your employer decided to stop/end or would you move onto the next project?

If the case is in adjudication - the requesting agency night complete the case - especially if you continue to hold a lower clearance that agency. (you may have just received the PR on steroids).