Interim Top Secret

I have my S clarence and was in the process of getting my TS. I was granted an interim TS, but left the company prior to completion of the investigation. Where will that leave the process?

Thanks in advance.

Strictly speaking, everything should stop… assuming your former employer makes the necessary updates in the various databases. However, in some cases the investigation will continue, either because the company didn’t make those updates or the thing is just too far along. As far as the interim goes, you could say that you were granted an interim TS on such-and-such a date and see if that gets any interest.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll see if someone can check DISS (JAPS, NBIS, or eQIP) for me. I’m not sure which system would have a status.

I had an Interim TS ; actually i was already finalized by DIA years ago.

They pulled something and said i had only an interim and when i left, the clearance was no good. They screwed me on purpose. I absolutely had a final because i had to change badges at Pentagon and IC because i went from Interim to final.

They know how to screw you on their paperwork.