Interim granted, still need final

I don’t really have anyone else to ask and I’ve been reading some of the posts on here and hope I can get insight from someone here.

I’m looking to get TS for a contracting job. I was offered the position before I finished graduate school and have just been working a part-time job since while waiting. I submitted my eQuip back in May and was granted interim clearance in early August. I cannot actually start working until I get final clearance though. I’m trying to figure out on average how long it takes between interim and final TS clearance so I can determine if I should stick out what I’ve got going right now or try to find something better in the mean time.

Thanks for anything you can share!

Too hard to offer any reliable predictions but most likely it will be several months.

Now, you may be able to find another job that WILL accept an interim. I work for a defense contractor, in most cases we cannot put people to work on an interim, but some folks have quit and gone to work elsewhere because they did get an interim!

I submitted my EQUIP in March 2017 received my Interim TS/SCI in July. I am still waiting for my clearance. Do you have your clearance yet?