Can't Start Work Under an Interim Clearance?

I was recently given a conditional employment offer with a defense contractor. I have no clearance, so they said they’d start the process for getting me a TS/SCI soon, and that I’d be able to start work in 1-2 years (once I’ve gotten the clearance). They didn’t say anything about working under an interim clearance, which I wasn’t aware existed until after I spoke with them. I’m still waiting to hear back about whether I can work under an interim clearance.

If I’m working in an entry level intelligence analyst position in a national intelligence division, is there any reason why I wouldn’t be able to start working if I can get an interim clearance?

Does your job require SCI access? Interim SCI is practically unheard of these days outside of the uniformed services (in my experience).

In order to get an interim SCI you would need to already have a TS. Getting granted an Interim TS usually constitutes a waiver process by the specific agency. As sbusquirrel mentioned, not likely. So unless you can work under an Interim Secret, you will have.

They said I need a TS/SCI, but I don’t actually know whether SCI access will be a necessary part of my job. But regardless, you’re saying, Marko, that even getting an interim TS is unlikely. Why is that?

In today’s clearance risk averse environment, most agencies do not want to take the chance of spending the time and resources on someone who might not pass the process. That is not to say the possibility does not exist, it just depends on the agency and the position.

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I see. Thank you for your help.

I never knew that before about Interim clearances. Thank you. I was wondering why I was granted a interim. I just hope I will have my subject investigation soon.

I am currently going through the SCI waiver process with DHS. Can you share some insight on how SCI waiver process works? It has been a month since my SCI waiver was started and I’m still waiting and kinda getting impatient now

If they told you that you will be able to start in one to two years, when your clearance is complete, my guess is that they do not want you working on an interim clearance and do not plan to request one with your application.