Security Clearance and my first job

Hello Everyone,

I just had a quick question that I was hoping an experienced poster could shine some light on for me.

Im currently finishing up my senior year and need to start working on my career for the future. Im part of the DoD requiring a TS/SCI. However, my clearance has not yet been adjudicated. My investigation started early 2016, and im hoping it is completed very soon. I currently hold an Interim. I would like to get a job utilizing some sort of secret/ts clearance. How do you guys recommend I report my clearance on my resume? Do you think having the DoD clearance is a huge advantage against other applicants? I plan to apply for jobs through clearancejobs, if anyone has any feedback on that, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you

Yes once your clearance is completed then add it to your resume, not before, not interim.

The dates on your clearance and resume must match, they will check. Read this carefully.

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If you are applying to jobs on clearancejobs, it will be assumed that you have a clearance. You ARE eligible to be on the site even with an interim.

Compared to other college grads, you definitely have a significant advantage over most.

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Thanks for the reply.

Do you recommend I put it on my resume as pending or inprocess? OR should I leave it off completely and apply to jobs without it?

Companies need put butts in seats. If you are essentially qualified for a position…and also have a clearance…I would take you over risking a person being not clearable, or eliminated. But be accurate as possible reporting dates and clearance levels as stated. Never get caught in padding your resume. Never works out good.


What do you recommend I put on my resume? Would I put the date of the investigation while it is in process, then swap to the adjudicated date when completed?

No, you are not cleared yet.

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Agree with the Wiz. You are not cleared. Telling someone such as those of us posting here that you “have an interim” is meaningless. An opening date for a BI doesn’t say anything marketable about you. It just means the quick check revealed no showstoppers (most of society), and they are looking deeper. At any moment, that world can come to a close if they see something requiring a deeper look. That doesn’t mean it is bad (yet). Just that something needs looked at.

I’m sorry . . . I don’t think that an interim is “meaningless” . . . He IS cleared to work and the start date of the investigation is also important because it gives some idea of how much longer it might be before a final clearance comes in.

I’m not supporting misleading a prospective employer in any way, but wouldn’t someone who already has an interim be an easier hire than someone starting from scratch?

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