Clearance is fully processed, haven't been on-boarded. Can I apply for other clearance jobs while I wait?

Hello. I received an offer with a DoD agency September 2016. I was recently told by Recruitment that my TS clearance has been fully finished and I have been put into “awaiting placement” status. They said that this process can take a short amount of time or even another year.’s definition of current is “you have had a job in the past two years that required use of a clearance”, but I have yet to actually be an employee there. I know this means my clearance isn’t “active”, but is it considered “current”?

Can I join Can I apply for other clearance jobs?

Thank you! I am new to all this.

From my understanding you are able to apply for other jobs. You have two years to get picked up before the clearance becomes invalid. That is what I was told.

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So in theory, say you got your clearance then your official offer from the the sponsoring agency or company. Can you decline it and take a better job somewhere else with the same clearance that they paid for? I understand on the flip side the govt can rescind offers or put you on a “awaiting placement status”, but if it doesn’t halt your investigation, would this be alright? It seems like wasting $$ to me.

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Yes I agree with you. This is a grey area where someone on this site with more experience will hopefully chime in. I think until you sign the contract you are free to take that clearance anywhere. I got my DOD secret and the FSO from the company said the position was no longer available. He told me to apply to other positions within the company AND I can apply for other companies if I would like. I ended up getting an offer from a different company, and will not be working for the company who sponsored my clearance. If they don’t want to give you an immediate position, that’s their loss.


You may not have an active clearance, but you can accurately say that you have a favorably adjudicated background investigation and eligible for a TS clearance. Nothing prohibits you from applying to other jobs, Good Luck!

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Marko, thanks for the response! I hope to still work at that agency later on when I am finally placed. Will working for a contractor ruin that job process? Also, should I list “Adjudicated and eligible for TS/SCI-Poly clearance” on my resume?

No one expects you to sit idly by and wait for a job offer, that would be unreasonable. Just list favorable T5 with the closed date and w/ poly date passed if you were notified in writing that you passed it.


Thanks for the info!

Thanks so much for the info! I’m going to join as a “current” clearance to find temp jobs and list it the way you suggested, hope that’s okay.

I was employed with a secret clearance from 2005 through 2012. Since then I worked in the private sector. But, last year I was offered another position requiring a clearance and that clearance was recently adjudicated in my favor. I’m waiting for DOHA to push my status out to JPAS so that my sponsor can on-board me.

When I attempt to join, I can’t check the box that says I have held a cleared job in the last two years. I don’t want to lie and check that first box.

So . . . I have to wait?