Got the clearance, now what?

I am on a “roster” and keep waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s been over two years since I applied for this job overseas! What happens if I want to find a job outside of the company that sponsored and got me the TS? Is it ethical? What happens to my clearance?

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As I understand, you don’t simply get the TS after your BI and adjudication is successfully completed - you have to get “read in”, meaning start the job. So if you don’t start working for the agency that sponsored you - the other perspective employer will most likely not be able to see your clearance in SC or JPAS. I’ll let investigators on this site correct me if I’m wrong.

How long since you found out you were cleared? If you don’t get hired and get into an “active” status then the clearance may expire before you ever start. See if you can find out about that from the company who sponsored you.

Is it ethical to switch jobs at this point? No more or less ethical than leaving you hanging for two years. This sort of thing does happen and I don’t think there is any ethical problem. Nobody will look out for your own interests better than you will.

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Thank you! It’s a bit complicated to me, the whole clearance deal. Do you know whether there is a time limit on holding a TS until deployment?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that.

Thank you for your reply! I was informed about getting the TS September 25, 3 months ago. Since then I had medical, dental exams, etc. Do you think my TS is in.danger?

TS or TS//SCI? it actually makes a difference

Sounds like things are moving along if the TS was granted 3 months ago and since then you’ve had some processing. I should think the clearance would be valid for at least a year even if you are not in an “active” status.

Ok, it helps. I am a civilian, and my company isn’t very informative. Thank you!

I is TS I think, I didn’t have a poly. What is the difference?

There is quite a bit you need to know in order to make a sound decision.

  1. Has your TS actually been adjudicated? If the answer is yes, the TS is good for 6 years. Going to a new job does not change your status.

  2. AFTER your TS has been granted, as I stated above, it’s good for two years…unless you have a 2 yr break in service. Should this occur, you would need a whole new investigation.

  3. If your TS has not been adjudicated and you change jobs then there is a very good possibility the DoD CAF close the investigation and adjudicated as “No determination made”. A new company would need to sponsor you in order to get things rolling again. Its a terrible system and frequently we see issues/delays in getting that final adjudication when people change companies. Doesn’t mean it’s a show stopper but often does complicate a bit.

So is it 2 or 6 years?

Both. A TS is good for six years from the date the investigation closed (not the date granted) unless you leave the job and take a job that does not require a clearance (break in service). After two years of being in a position that does not require a clearance, a new investigation is required.

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Thank you for your reply. Actually, I finally got an answer from my company. They assured me that as long as I “belong” to them, they will keep sponsoring my clearance and keep it “active”. So, for right now I am satisfied with this setting. With the recent events in the Middle East, it becomes even less clear when my skills might be needed.

Yes, my TS was adjudicated in late August of 2019.

Similar situation, do the same rules apply for a secret?

Maybe you should describe your situation . . . There’s several different things in this thread already.

Got secret clearance favorably adjudicated with no openings at the sponsoring company… would the clearance transfer to another contractor if I were to take another position?

Well your way a head of me.
I got my first interview around march 2018. Filled SF86 for TC around May. investigation stared around June and all my contacts were notified ( not just phone call with some of my contacts investigation officer even went for lunch) around July. All the documents got submitted and investigation closed end of September 2018.
Since then I have not heard a word form them. about a month ago i contacted my recruiter he said Im still in the process. And i still have to go for Poly/Psych.
Dose anyone know how long more I need to wait? any info would greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Let me guess . . . An IC agency? We hear this a lot here. They don’t share much information and they will leave you wait until they need you.