Got my TS, job no longer available. Advice?

I know a situation like this has been posted about it before, but just thought I’d post to at least share my timeline with others.

August 22, 2017- Received job offer with government contractor for position that required TS
August 31, 2017- SF-86 officially submitted
mid-March 2018- A few of my references contacted
March 30, 2018- Subject interview
April 4, 2018- Last reference (that I know of) contacted
May 7, 2018- Was told by FSO that my case was in adjudication (turns out it wasn’t)
June 7, 2018- Background investigator (who interviewed me) tells me my case was reopened (needed more leads/verifiers for unemployment. She took my mom down, but mom was never called anyway.)
June 21, 2018- Background investigator submits my case to “OPM review”
August 6, 2018- Notified that I was successfully adjudicated, and I have TS clearance (GREAT!), but the position I was originally hired for is no longer available (Oh…)

I’m told my clearance is good for two years (or rather, that’s how long I have to find another TS job before clearance is revoked). Recruiter says she is sending my resume throughout the company (multiple locations) to see if there are any other vacancies I’m qualified for. She doesn’t know what my chances are of getting something else. Any advice/tips about waiting or looking for TS jobs elsewhere?

There is a list of jobs right here on this site . . . Dice . . . I don’t know what companies or projects are going on in your area but you can go directly to the various company sites. Seek out a recruiter . . . It’s really not that different from any other job search.

But, you now have an advantage over many other applicants . . .


If you are willing to travel you are set up to be rewarded handsomely for your patience. Not sure what your field of expertise is so can’t help much beyond that.

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Thanks for your responses, guys! In less than 24 hours, I’ve already gotten a few fish biting. This TS really is like a golden ticket. Pretty amazing.

rubikscubegirl, I am in the same boat. I received my clearance in June but my job offer was withdrawn in July. Are you willing to share what companies you applied with? I’m not finding much to apply for but that might be because of the area I’m in. Thank you in advance.

I live in the DC area, so there are a TON of positions with various companies, agencies, contractors, consulting firms, etc. in my area looking for people with security clearances. I applied for several, and just accepted a job offer today. I’d rather not say with who. Turned out to be a huge blessing because this job is offering me waaaaay more money than the one that fell through was, and it’s a lot closer to where I live (15 minutes as opposed to an hour and a half).

The new position requires TS/SCI, and I only had TS, so now I have to wait a little longer. Program manager says the process could take anywhere from two weeks to six months. Can anyone answer what the process to get the SCI part entails? Is it more investigating? More interviews? What are they looking into that wasn’t already looked into that gave me the TS clearance?

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The SCI entails additional adjudication and perhaps a poly - position dependent.

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Got it. Okay, thanks! Hopefully it won’t be too, too long. But hey, I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer.

Tangentially related to the topic: so if a candidate is going for a “TS/SCI w/FS”, does that mean their background investigation is adjudicated for the TS first, and then adjudicated for SCI after? Are they sequential: does the SCI adjudicator wait for the applicant to be adjudicated for TS before proceeding?

Thank you for your response. I live in a much smaller area with lots of retired military competing for the same jobs. I kinda figured my area is my biggest hurdle. I’m happy you found a job so quickly. Best wishes going forward.

Use a combination of sites and strategies, LinkedIn, Indeed, and hit up any personal contacts you have in the industry.

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Thank you, toby106888. I’ve reached out to some investigators in my area on LinkedIn and I’ve had a few accept my connection. I’ve also connected with some of the recruiters. I’m really hoping I can can picked up by another contractor. I really want to join the profession and I was so disappointed when my offer was withdrawn. I’d also consider the original contractor if they end up having something in my area. I check Indeed daily as well.