Clearance transferring to other company

I searched most of topic but I couldnt find my answer! I thank you if you give me your idea. I have (DOS)secret with company A ,job stayed on hold then they offered me other job required TS(DOS) .TS still in process .I jot new offer from company B and it just need it Secret . Job B transferred my Secret but what will happen with my TS processing ?

Technically I would think it should be cancelled but I have heard of similar situations (but with DOD not State) where the investigation continued. Note that if the investigation completes, you would only have ‘eligibility’ for TS and not necessarily be given the actual clearance depending on the requirements of the new job and the desires of management.

Thanks for respond ! I am also not sure what will happen .I still couldn’t hold of A security officer to find out . It is tricky ! TS is for different job and location and I have been waiting for months and done all interview and investigation .I believe it is on Adjudicating level now .Company A also knows about my possibly new job long ago ,but still I am worry about the months of been waiting ! I cant imagine if they just cancelled it without notified me and still they are begging qualified people for that job!

Is the TS job with Company A and you now work for Company B? Why would the company continue to process your clearance for a job you are no longer eligible for since you left the company?

Yes ,TS is for company A. Company A also sponsored my Secret . I told A I may get job till finished my TS process previously .Now company B transfer my Secret . I wondering if company A still continue or will stope process . I tried call them but still no success to find out . My understanding is these two jobs are in different clearance level requirement so why A wants to stop it .
I know this is kind of tricky situation ,hard to get answer !
Also if they stopped it by any reason can A get it back and continue rest of process or it has to start from scratch ? Both clearance are from DOS .
My worries started when I noticed the same job number (TS) in company A in my dashboard page status changed from ’ Screen" to " Not selected" !

More than likely they will stop because you are no longer an eligible candidate, why waste the time and money? If you do transfer back you will probably have to start all over.
People normally finish the clearance process for this very reason.

just for update ,I finally got respond from company A security department .My TS process still in place with no issue .They explained for me that my secret was from DOD for first job but my TS is with DOS with different processing .So I am very happy they didn’t screw up my TS processing!


Finally I got approval on my TS yesterday ! So happy for it .I have question and I appreciate if anyone have answer for it .
1-What if I no like to work for this company that sponsored and got approval for me?I like to work for other company .Can I switch from them to new one? Can they make me issue for my TS?
2-Some job needed for SCI ,How can i get it or add it to my clearance?Do I need put new SF86 and start it from scrach or how is work!