Transfer TS from DOS to DOD

I currently work as a contractor for the DOS. I hold a TS. I’ve been offered a job with the DOD, which only requires a secret. The problem is that the DOS won’t respond to the DOD’s request to transfer my clearance over to JPAS, has anyone else had this problem? It’s been over two months and the DOD is initiating another request. Of course the problem is that eventually the company who has offered me a new position (at 2X the salary of my current position) is going to get tired of waiting and find someone who already has a DOD clearance. Any options for me to consider?

I had a similar situation, but I went the opposite direction, had a DOD secret and needed to get a DOS. I was told DOS would not reciprocate and that I would need to start from the beginning, which I’ve now been waiting almost a year (even though I was granted a DOD clearance a couple months before). Hopefully DOD will reciprocate, but I wouldn’t count on it. I haven’t heard of many successful clearance transfers from one agency to another.

  • On the flip side, every agency is extremely back-logged. Your request could just be sitting in a line of requests and could happen eventually. I don’t think there is much you can do to change the outcome.