DOD to DOS secret transferibility?

I’ve searched for this answer but can’t seem to find it. I know that a job requiring a DOS secret will not accept a DOD clearance, but if you start the process for a DOS job, does it help in any way to have a recently granted DOD clearance or do you start from the beginning like everyone else? Thanks.

Theoretically, Dept of State will grant reciprocity for a DoD clearance at the same level.


Hi there–I’m goign to a TS DOD to DOS reciprocity. I was told by DOS that they do accept a DOD clearance and that there is no reason they can’t. They said it would take a few weeks, but I definitely think it’ll take months. Where did you hear DOS won’t accept DOD clearance?

They just said I have to submit a SF86 and start from the beginning. Its up to the DOS people if they want to honor the DOD investigation or they could do an investigation themselves and take just as long as the original DOD clearance. Its been a week since I submitted, no word yet.

They can decide that they will not accept reciprocity for whatever reason. They can accept a DoD clearance but there is nothing that says they must grant reciprocity.

Actually, in section 2.1 of EO 13467 it states “agencies shall”, which in government-speak means they must accept reciprocity if all conditions are met. That is why ODNI has been trying to get all agencies on board with it:

Ever hear anything about your clearance?

Apologies for the very late reply. Not sure how I missed this. At any rate, I sent a letter to my senator and got a response from the agency.

I did have someone contact me, but they were unable to say whether or not they were interviewing me for one agency or the other (I am under investigation for 2). Either way, that’s some progress, I suppose.

Did you have a new investigation started for the DOS clearance? I thought you had a DOD clearance and were trying to switch to DOS.

No, I didn’t have a new investigation started–they recommended I wait for DOD to finish. The logic was that the DOD clearance would be faster since at the point of the DOS offer I was already 6 months in. However, I’m now 18 months in the investigation process with no end in sight.

I don’t currently have a clearance, but once I do, the goal will be to transfer.

Oh ok I hear you. Well I got my DOD clearance after 24 months, DOS would not “reciprocate.” I am on month 4 waiting on the DOS clearance…

Wow. Well, that would be awful if they did not accept it. They seemed positive that they would, like it was a non-issue.

24 months sounds about right…I think I may be longer due to having lived abroad. Did you have extensive foreign travel as well, and that’s why it took long? I would be shocked to see 2 years if you had none of that type of thing.

I wouldn’t say I had “extensive” foreign travel. I spent a couple years in Iraq, but it was with the Army so I don’t think that causes any delay. I had “extensive” financial issues which resulted in receiving an SOR. If I didn’t receive the SOR I think it would have taken about 6 months less to process the clearance. I am pretty sure that is why the DOS did not “reciprocate” because of the debt, they wanted to do their own digging. From the way my new company made it sound, DOS rarely accepts other clearances, they will most likely want to do their own investigation.

That has been my (limited) experience. They always seem to find some way to justify an additional investigation (see the earlier post from @Marko about the push for reciprocity).

This is strange–I’ve been calling around left and right and did get confirmation from DOD that they would share info with DOS, and that DOS’ HR just needs to contact them to retrieve it. I don’t yet have a clearance, but just my SSBI is done. However, they still said DOS could request that. I’ll see what happens and let you know…this is all so confusing.

Yes, everyone on the DOD side said everything should go to DOS no problem. DOS is the one who said we won’t accept the DOD clearance, “we do our own investigation.” I guess they all didn’t get the memo about trying to increase reciprocity.

I think they pay lip service but from the folks I’ve spoken to (not a huge sample but more than just one or two) State opened their own investigation even though these people had current/active clearances at the same or higher level with DoD.

I was recently told that State could request current information from my investigation with DOD, so it seems like the whole “two at once going” isn’t necessarily true. That being said, I am completely confounded by this process.

“told that state could request” - I was told the same thing. But bottom line is the state department can choose not to do that. In my case, the hiring company FSO specifically said, DOS will not accept a DOD clearance, they will do their own investigation. I am on month 4 of that investigation.

Perhaps I asked this before–are you doing two concurrent investigations then? One with DOD and one with DOS? I still haven’t received a response from DOS regarding whether or not they will request SSBI from DOD…hopefully they can do them concurrently, as I’ve been previously assured.