DOD to DOS secret transferibility?

They are not running concurrently. I had a DOD investigation for a position. After a two year process of getting that clearance, the position was no longer available. I found a new position that required a clearance and I applied for and got a great offer, I didn’t realize they needed a DOS clearance. So I had to start from scratch for a DOS clearance. DOS used nothing from the previous DOD clearance that was just granted. Everyone told me they should use “reciprocity,” but they didn’t.

Any word yet? I’m literally in the same position. FSO said a new investigation would be completed…

Nope, no word. I was contacted a couple months ago by adjudications asking for more information, radio silence ever since.

-What about you? Any word?

I’ve just submitted the form, but I was hoping I wouldn’t need to because of my existing TS. FSO said otherwise. Hopefully I’m granted interim so I can start working soon.

I am considering a DOS contract offer. The company said they accept DoD clearances as well as interims (currently at Interim secret)

Since my investigation is currently in adjudication with DODCAF, would there be any issues transferring to DOS and would my DoD adjudication continue or will it get dropped? I’m not familiar with this process at all.

If you change companies prior to the investigation being adjudicated then it will be reflected as a Loss of Jurisdiction in JPAS/DISS and the State Department would have to request a copy of the completed investigation and review/adjudicate it themselves. Not a long or hard process, but requires the responsible security office to perform a few extra steps to get it done.

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Thanks for your response. What about transferring back from DoS to DoD? Is it a similar process? From what I’ve seen, unless you are in JPAS… you don’t exist.

There are just much more job openings on the DoD side and I don’t want to limit my options if I decide to take this position.

What is the latest on your status? Did you get DOS clearance approved by having a DOD clearance? I am on the same boat, I have a Secret and awaiting my DOS. Submitted last month, I was told 90 days will be my next status update which will be in Feb. Thank you,

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The DOS process was taking way too long, over a year. I got a better offer that required a DOD clearance so I took that offer, and withdrew from the DOS process.

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October was submitted for something called, “rollover/turnover” then the client told my FSO I needed a full investigation. This took about 8 days. Oct 29th, my FSO asked me if I want to pursue the job as the waiting time typically for people in my status is 8 mos. I gave her the thumps up and she submitted then. In Nov, she said the package “haven’t been assigned yet” to an agent.
I am still on a Secret clearance which will possibly expire in late 2019. This is a contract job that I have been approved for and signed LOIs and what not with. I hope they will still sponsor me 8 mos from now. I am sure the Holidays and Gov shut down is not helping, but either way I am in a Secret position now just waiting. Feb 2019 will be my 90 days mark (according to my FSO) for another status check. I will definitely post any status then, maybe this will paint a better pic for status in 2019.

Happy New Years! Best of luck to everyone.

@ Marko
Hi Marko, I found this old post which is related to my DOD -DOS-DOD transfer situation. Would the “Lost of Jurisdiction” be reflected in JPAS even if IC/DOD PR adjudicated it and then it was transfer to DOS? I didn’t leave my DOD employer until after I received the DOS reciprocity email confirmation stating my PR investigation was complete and adjudicated. I returned to DOD Oct 2019 and now found out my JPAS records were not updated to show the adjudication or LOJ so I was brought back on outdated information and now I’m out of scope again.

I only have the one clearance. Now it’s split into two across two jurisdictions which makes no sense. The investigation was initiated by a 3 letter agency which uses a different system. JPAS entries were lagging about a month or more behind.