Reciprocity process from DoS secert to a DoD secert

So after going through a 10-month process to get a DoS secret, (secret granted 19 July 2018) my company that I’m working for now overseas wants to move me from a DoS contract to a DoD contract because I meet the requirements for a higher level job that they can not fill.No worries, I’m on project making good money so the wait, unlike last time, is not a big deal. I’m just curious how the reciprocity between State and DoD works and how long does it normally take from secret to secret. My DoS clearance was granted less than 2 months ago, my favorable investigation is 8 months old, the SF86 that I had to resubmit I only had to add my overseas address and work info. I just have no clue on the reciprocity process. Thanks, Mul
oh I have held in the past a DoD secret, TS and TS w SCI, squeaky clean record.

If it has been less than 2 years since the DoD Secret, TS and SCI…have them try to cross them over first. I spent months (literally) on two occasions trying to get State to grant reciprocity and simply verify a clearance for my client. They are notoriously stubborn. I was successful, but my very senior client security offices engaged at high levels several times in order to get it done.

I currently have an active DoS Secret, it is in the reciprocity process for a DoD secret. So from State to DoD. I know/have read that State can be anal but this is the other way around, again Dos to DoD. My past DoD clearances are all shelved.

No going from Dos to DoD is the pain. State will ask for multiple items, tell you they refuse to verify, etc etc. Trust me it can be done, it gets done, but rarely do they simply provide the info to other agencies when they need verify the DOs clearance. It could be because people use the wrong language in the request. I went back and forth with State when a person asked if they can “push the clearance to JPASS.” The State guy just wanted to lecture and tell me there is no such thing as pushing a clearance…I knew that…he knew that…I wanted official verification it existed, was current and valid. They would tell me they had no secure line (not true), they had no SCIF (also untrue. I could not speak of my client on an unsecure line so we were at an impasse with a guy being a bureaucrat. Even my client government boss, GS-14 kept getting the run around. Give a guy a small amount of power…

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Thanks amberbunny, as always great information

Update and timeline for getting my current DoS Secert reciprocity to a DoD Secert.
11 Sept. 2018 SF86 Submitted
today, 02 Oct, 2018 granted DoD Secert intermin
took a whole whooping 21 days

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