DOS to DHS Reciprocity - JPAS vs Scattered Castles

I have a secret clearance from DOS - granted while I was a FTE. I am now a contractor and understand that my clearance was verified in JPAS. I am looking at an opportunity with DHS. Does anyone know if they grant reciprocity or if I will have to go through another background investigation. Position is at the same clearance level.

Secret will show in SC and JPASS. Those are easy. State gets difficult when it comes to TS and TS SCI clearances. Those they do not put in SC. And they aren’t willing to work with you to cross them over. But Secrets from State can be viewed and crossed over all the time.

Thanks for the info!

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I had to go thru a whole new Investigation for DHS , it was a disaster. Noone knew how to get my clearances transferred so they did their own investigation. Took a year i believe but i had already accepted a new job by time they got back.