DHS BI vs Secret

Is DHS Background Investigation (BI) clearance considered as Secret or Top Secret clearance? In other words, if I currently have DHS BI, can I apply for jobs that require Secret or Top Secret clearance?

If only we lived in a world where that was possible

“1. DHS operates its own personnel security program. Security clearance reciprocity is granted between agencies, but there may be delays and new investigations may need to be completed if the transfer is not lateral.” (clearancejobs.com, August 2013)

It depends on what level of clearance you have for reciprocity. I believe DHS has jobs that require public trust, secret, and top secret. You would need to find out which level you have.
Then you can apply for other jobs that require that exact same level, but it doesn’t gurantee the new company will take DHS clearance. Companies are encouraged to use “reciprocity” but it doesn’t happen often.

I had a DOD Secret clearance investigation, granted a clearance. I applied for DOS Secret clearance 2 months later and they would not “reciprocate” they started from the beginning and I am still waiting on that clearance.