DHS suitability for TS/SCI User

I have a recently granted TS/SCI with CI Poly from DoD and I was recently offered a position In DHS and I am concerned that for any reason if DHS denies my suitability for that position, would that have any affect on my current clearance? Any advice would be appreciated.

Yes, if you are denied a clearance (say, from DHS), then you would need to indicate that during your reinvestigation assuming you stay with DoD.

I can’t imagine that you would be denied a DHS clearance if you already passed DoD for such a high clearance. It’s not impossible, and DHS isn’t under any requirement to grant transfer from DoD. The only situation I can think of is the following: you just had something come up, like an unpaid debt, since you got your TS/SCI. DHS might decide to start a brand new investigation on you, or if they use the investigation but adjudicate on their own, they could discover this problem. If DHS finds out something DoD didn’t, then you might be denied clearance and it’s possible that they notify DoD.

But if your situation hasn’t changed, I struggle to believe DHS wouldn’t grant you a clearance.

Thank you for the insight. I don’t have any issues with my debts or anything like that although I have foreign immediate relatives well as friends which I already reported when I was under the investigation. But I heard from people that DHS would give you hard time and you might loose your clearance as well as your job. So I was concerned.

@Marko I would like to see your thoughts on this. Thank you.

IN accordance with ODNI reciprocity guidelines DHS is required to accept your current favorably adjudicated investigation. They would need to have some type of derogatory information to have cause to start new checks. DHS processing is cumbersome due to the sheer volume of applicants. They cannot impact your current clearance unless there is new disqualifying information not already reviewed and adjudicated.


This is what I was looking for. Thank you so much.