Crossover of clearance

Recently my suitability for a DHS project was denied. I applied for another job with NCTC since I had TS with CI/poly. While checking my clearances they came back and said there was something that might inhibit my crossover and that I should check with my previous employer to see if they can work it. I contacted security of my previous employer and they were very hesitant to answer me and only told me that the notice in JPAS is coming up because of my denied DHS suitability. I told this to the recruiter who offered me this new position and she replied that I need to clear this up before they can proceed. My security is not responding to me anymore. what does this mean? how can I clear it and what could be plainly the reason.

It means that you might have lost your current clearance when you applied for the DHS job and were denied.

It would not impact a crossover. It reads more like “Unadjudicated info.” Which simply means there is a “something” requiring an adjudicator to make a decision on. Period. The OP is in best position to understand what that item may or may not be. Were there security involved writeups at any cleared position? That could be a situation requiring someone to weigh the totality of the situation. An arrest? Negative feedback given based on job performance or lack thereof? Angry ex spouse? Financial issues? Anything and everything can fall under that category. Now, Merlin may have it right if your clearance was out of scope and the previous place terminated sponsorship. In those cases you can only come back to the cleared world with an initial BI…which requires adjudication. Unfortunately, when anyone quits a job annotations can be made without your knowledge claiming you were a stinker. If you push it, you can get lots of money. There are consequences for anyone doing that. But it does happen.

No my previous employer have been very happy with me, I have no negative records at job or finacially. My TS was due for renwaland they had me sponsored it was alreday submitted by the private investigstor. How do I find out if I still have my TS?

well, nobody has a TS. Clear as mud right? If you leave a position requiring the clearance…you left he clearance. If you were within 2 years of working with the clearance, and possibly up to 5 years from the date of the BI they can cross over. Each agency uses a different rubric.