Clearance crossover issue due to not meeting the technical requirements

Hi everyone,

I currently have TS/SCI with full poly since last year. Few weeks ago, I accepted a job with a different company that requires same clearance level that I have. This new company has been working on crossing over my clearance. Few days ago, they sent me an email saying that my clearance crossover application was not accepted due to not meeting the technical requirements. Anyone knows what this means and how can we fix it?

Thank you!

Are you still with the old company or did you quit in anticipation of the transfer?

Hi Dima, thank you for your reply. I quit the old company. I’m no longer with them.

Maybe your clearance does not meet the requirements of the new agency.

Genuine question, did you have to quit your current job in order for the new company to do a crossover? Is that the rule? I hear crossovers take a long time. And if you didn’t, does your current company know if another is trying to take over your clearance?

I quit my old job before I accepted the new job. It’s not a rule. Crossover could take from 2 weeks to months, it all depends. I didn’t have to tell my old company about the crossover.

I don’t know and the agency doesn’t give any more details on why!

From which agency to which agency?

@akbald01 would you happen to know, if someone is trying to cross over from 1 IC agency to another (same level clearance) and tries going contractor to contractor, while at the same time already processing for a gov slot with that same agency, if that’s even possible? And just wait it out as contractor with that agency while they finish the gov processing?